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Concrete Foundation Waterproofing and Wall Crack Repair St. Charles

Foundation & Wall Crack Repair

Residential basements are most commonly victims of wet wall seepage through foundation wall cracks. The majority of basement cracks in Missouri are caused as a result of settling. Settling is most frequent with new homes up to five years after the home is built. We are able to repair most cracked concrete walls with an Epoxy Injection within a couple of hours. For effective wall crack repair in St. Charles call 636-466-2409.

Basement Crack Repair O’Fallon MO

Basement Crack Repair

Generally speaking, basement cracks will start at the top of the foundation and work downwards, and penetrate through the concrete wall making the vulnerable to leakage. Our approach to fixing your foundation walls from leaking are performed from the inside of the house, what this means to you is not exterior excavation is needed. If you have finished your basement many times we can evaluate the outside of your home and this will expose where the cracks are. If your basement is already finished some minor removal of the drywall might be necessary, however we will keep it as minimal as possible.

Foundation Concrete Crack Repair

Foundation Concrete Crack Repair

The Crack Medic can repair all of your wall stabilization issues in St. Charles, O'Fallon, Wentzville, & surrounding areas. Our most common St. Charles, MO foundation repair includes stone, block, brick, and concrete foundation crack repairs, bowing and bulged walls, and all other basement water leaking issues. The Crack Medic is a reliable and experienced company in the foundation repair business in Missouri.

Epoxy Injection for Foundation Crack Repair St. Louis, MO

Epoxy Injection for Foundation Crack Repair

Epoxy injection is the process that structurally bonds both sides of the crack together, leaving the repair stronger than before. Our seal process involves sealing the face of the wall and then injecting the epoxy so that it fills the crack all the way to the outside of your walls. This will create an impermeable seal to water, air, insects, and any other outdoor elements from entering your home. We provide a Lifetime Warranty on our work!

Wall Stabilization for Bowing and Bulging Walls

Wall Stabilization for Bowing and Bulging Walls

When we evaluate a basement with stone, block, or brick walls there are a few more challenges but we have a product that allows for the most cost effective way to stop those leaks, and add additional support to your home.

Our line of products provide a foundation repair reinforcement process that will insure the stabilization of your homes foundation walls are as strong as they were intended to be. We offer a 100% warranty on all of our wall stabilization work. This allows for us to provide you will quality foundation repair, concrete reinforcement, and basement structure at an affordable cost with no worries of additional costs tomorrow.

Carbon Fiber Foundation & Basement Wall Stabilization

Carbon Fiber Foundation & Basement Wall Stabilization

If you have a problem with your basement foundation that leaks, drips, and seeps water from the walls, or if your wall leans or bulges then give us a call for a free estimate. Our basement wall stabilization team specializes in the use of carbon fiber technology to provide the best foundation waterproofing in St. Charles, St Louis, Wentzville, O’Fallon and more. Our carbon fiber wall stabilization components are made to reinforce bowed basement walls.